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Local Flora and Fauna

Category: Local Flora and Fauna
Published Date Written by Henryk Banasiak

Local Flora and Fauna


May 2012

The location and management of our flying site has made it and excellent place to observe the natural wildlife the Gordano valley has to offer. This take surprising little effort as even on a sunny Sunday afternoon whilst sitting in the viewing area having a chat and watching the flying in progress, we were rewarded with the site of a couple of young deer out to graze in a clearing on the far side of the field.

As is always the case in a situation like this there was no camera handy, by the time one was retrieved from the car the deer had moved back in amongst the brambles, with a brief pause to pose for this photo before disappearing into the undergrowth.

DSC08731 640x480


Its not uncommon to have a reception committee greet you on arrival at the site. This pheasant has been affectionately nick named "Road Runner" as he never flies off just runs along a bit and then stops to observe you, it is his place after all.

DSC08782 640x480

Thursday the 23rd. Redeye Media
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