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The Next Club Meeting takes place at

the Rudgleigh Inn Tuesday 28th October

Ground works at Gordano suspended for the next few weeks, so there will be no disruption to flying and to members until end October.

Indoor Flying Season starting the 24th October

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Flora and Fauna at Gordano

Category: Local Flora and Fauna
Published Date Written by Pete Viner

As Henryk started an article under the News banner I have carried on with some of my photos taken during 2012 at the Gordano site


This was a Kestrel hovering over the landing strip during the school summer holidays on a rare cloudless day

        Baby woodpecker  Juvenile green woodpecker

Here a pair of Juvenile Green Woodpeckers in September over by the left hand approach, providing proof that they do breed on our site despite the models

Roe deer

A pair of Roe Deer caught unawares at the bottom of Weston Drove in early April



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