Tim, one of our club members has built this new Helicoptor.

 Here's a quick explanation of what I've done, unfortunately I didn't take any pics as I went along. The majority of the work is in detailing to get it looking less toy like. even so I've still spent about 30 hours in total but I am quite slow.

Align 450

I started by sorting out all the wiring for the lighting which was a pain. To get the tail beacon and port and starboard nav lights meant de-soldering the LED's and threading the wiring through the tail and horizontal stabs. I used these lights (www.giantshark.co.uk/night-flying-lights-p-405040.html) but swapped the red and green nav light for these 2mm LEDs which are more to scale (www.maplin.co.uk/standard-2mm-ceramic-leds-10381)
Then its just a case of drilling the holes and plonking them in either using the supplied mounting brackets or epoxy/ hot glue etc..


The landing skids came black with no foot rail or bear paws (platforms at the back). the rails are simply balsa cut to strips and shaped each end and the 'paws' are cut from 0.5mm styrene sheet. this was then given 4 coats of the appropriate grey paint (Humbrol 126) I have still to make the front skid extensions and add them on.

Inserting the mechanics is pretty straight forward and here I only added foam pads at the fixing points to reduce vibrations. I also made up a new battery tray and forward support so the battery can be pushed as far forward as poss. This needs doing in order to get the CoG correct and even with a 190g pack I still needed to add about 90g of ballast to the nose.



I then sourced what decals I could and drew up the rest. These can be found attached if any one wishes to use them, just print onto printable white and clear self adhesive A4 sheet. I can email them as a word doc which may be easier to print and modify and also will be a better resolution, cant upload Word Doc's here.

The supplied aerial's etc.. are all black so some will need painting white.

You can't tell me this looks anything else than a real machine.  Thanks to Tim for the description and really good pics.