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A Day at Hullavington Airfield

Category: General News
Published Date Written by Barry Everson

Last Tuesday I was invited to visit the club that flies at Hullavington Airfield.  


Flash Jet



Bandit Jet



Reaper Jet.  Renamed the GRIM REAPER, SEE BELOW

 GPS enabled, the copter will return to base automatically at the press of a button.  Or will return if low on battery power.  Powered by 4 400watt motors on 12x6 props.  Power is supplied by a 4 cell 4000ma lipo pack.
 This model is not yet fitted with Goggle FPV, instead it has a Sony camera mounted on the 2 axis deck that allows rotation for the capture of stills or video.  There is also a small  pcb camera that does send back video so the machine can be steered via this camera.  The interesting bit is if you get too far away, or loose orentation one press of a tranny mounted switch brings the copter home.
 The end of the Reaper
 It is alwas sad to see a model in this state, especially after the owner had spent weeks installing all the gear.  It was a simple mistake that caused the very heavy landing.  On the down wind leg, flying with the Sun on the left, the model was in sihouette and a major orientatation problem occured and a wrong input was actioned.  Hence the result, but at least the Jet engine looked intact. 
Sunday the 1st. Redeye Media
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