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the Rudgleigh Inn Tuesday 28th October

Ground works at Gordano suspended for the next few weeks, so there will be no disruption to flying and to members until end October.

Indoor Flying Fri 31 Oct 2014 19:45-21:45 

Nailsea School Sports Hall

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Hengrove fliers again

Category: General News
Published Date Written by Barry Everson

I do have to ask myself sometimes  when, if ever, we will have some good flying weather.  Today give us some reasonable flying and we managed to get a fair few at the field.

 Hengrove 005 2 1
 Hengrove 028 2 1
 Hengrove 029 2 1
 Hengrove 030 2 1
 Hengrove 022 2 1
 Hengrove 027 2 1
 Hengrove 019 2 1
 Hengrove 018 2 1
 Hengrove 016 2 1
 Hengrove 006 2 1


Saturday the 1st. Redeye Media
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