This week saw the largest number of fliers at Hengrove.  with the hospital now completed, the large mound of rubble and earth has been taken away and replaced with top soil. The exceptional weather brought out the senior members.  some pictures are included.

IMG 4841

Coffee Beak

IMG 4849

Larry had a speed controller problem. It burned out on the deck


IMG 4847

There was a welcome return to our examiner Ken Coombs, he flew this old hype, he also found time to take a member for his A test.


IMG 4844

My Balsa 4 model, still going well


IMG 4843

My Banshee, still in good condition after 6 years


IMG 4834

Ivors new engine mounted in his plane note the nice 17 inch wood prop

Notice now the prop is broken, wonder why/, well unfortunately Ivor cought three of his finfers in the spinning prop.  Quite a nasty way to cut your nails. 

On a more serious note, always be careful when removing your hands from around the front engine end of planes, only this week the BMFA hilighted this

very potential hazard.



IMG 4851


 IMG 4842

Lastly Freds Mustfire, scratch built

IMG 4841

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