Senility is setting in

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I have just spent the last 4 hours trying to bind a Spe##t*um receiver to my old DX7 Transmitter. This is all about rushing to complete a Foam shock flyer for the club Chairman in time for the indoor meeting tomorrow night at Nailsea school.

The receiver he supplied was way to big with the connections standing out at right angles so good old me decided to donate one of my end on connected receivers. Now HIS receiver accepted the leads with the black cable downwards away from the front, yep you guessed it MINE were the other way around and it took me ages to figure it out without frying the whole system.

If I had bothered to read the miniscule symbols secretly hidden on the side of the receiver I could have saved myself a complete afternoons frustration.

Age does have its ups but the millions of brain cells that disappear every hour after you reach 65 seem to take their toll

I need a full time nurse

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