Amarc Calendar

26 Jan 2016n08:00PM - 10:00PMnJanuary Club Meeting
23 Feb 2016n08:00PM - 10:00PMnFebruary Club Meeting
29 Mar 2016n08:00PM - 10:00PMnMarch Club Meeting
26 Apr 2016n08:00PM - 10:00PMnClub Meeting Tuesday the 26th of April
31 May 2016n06:00PM - 09:00PMnMay Club Barbaque and Meeting
04 Jun 2016n10:00AM - 09:00PMn´╗┐Open Weekend 4th and 5th June
22 Jun 2016n06:00PM - 09:00PMnJune Barbaque and Club Meeting
26 Jun 2016n10:00AM - 09:00PMnFPV racing / Drone awareness day on Sunday 26th June.
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