M. Snaden, C. Holloway, J. Pinnell.
Mike Snaden
 Secretary/Welfare officer
Colin Denton
 Membership Secretary/Treasurer
Christopher Holloway
 Vice Chairman
Jason Pinnell
J. Pinnell,  M. Brown,  R. Lines,  S, Spencer,  C, Wilkinson,  G. McBroom,  C. Smith,  M. Bidwell,  S. Mountford
        Ken Coombs       Mike Lovell          Bruce McKay  
      Those willing to help and instruct new members
Chris Holloway (F/W) mode 2,     Jason Pinnell (F/W)mode 2,     Mike Snaden (F/W)mode 1,
Pete Viner (F/W)mode 1,          Ken Coombs, Redmond Lines & Mike Brown (Rotary