This Scale weekend 21st and 22nd of May is cancelled due to the weather.  Will host at a later date when the sun comes out to play.


Thank you to Guest Speaker Aerospace Engineer Ted Talbot for an excellent presentation on the design and development of Concorde at the April club meeting.


Thank you to Club member and Former Glider,Tigermoth and Hanglider Pilot Goeff McBroom for an excellent presentation on flying full size Gliders at the March Club Meeting.


Thank you to Club member and Hot air Balloon Pilot Andy Booth for an excellent presentation on Model and full size hot air balloons at the February Club Meeting.

Thank you to Club member  Easyjet Captain and former fast Jet pilot Carl Wilkinson for another excellent Presentation, this time on Landing the Airbus A319 at the January Club Meeting.

  Club Barbeque

Tuesday the 31th of May

6:00pm at the Flying Field

Amarc Calendar

26 Jan 2016n08:00PM - 10:00PMnJanuary Club Meeting
23 Feb 2016n08:00PM - 10:00PMnFebruary Club Meeting
29 Mar 2016n08:00PM - 10:00PMnMarch Club Meeting
26 Apr 2016n08:00PM - 10:00PMnClub Meeting Tuesday the 26th of April
08 May 2016n10:00AM - 08:00PMnFlat field Combat Day on the 8th May at Gordano
21 May 2016n10:00AM - 09:00PMn´╗┐Scale Weekend 21st and 22nd May
26 Jun 2016n10:00AM - 09:00PMnFPV racing / Drone awareness day on Sunday 26th June.

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