Club Meeting Tuesday 31st January 8:00pm

The Ships Inn Portishead

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Amarc Calendar

26 Jan 2016n08:00PM - 10:00PMnJanuary Club Meeting
23 Feb 2016n08:00PM - 10:00PMnFebruary Club Meeting
29 Mar 2016n08:00PM - 10:00PMnMarch Club Meeting
26 Apr 2016n08:00PM - 10:00PMnClub Meeting Tuesday the 26th of April
07 May 2016n10:00AM - 05:00PMnFlat field Combat Day on the 7th May at Gordano
21 May 2016n10:00AM - 09:00PMnScale Weekend 21st and 22nd May
26 Jun 2016n10:00AM - 09:00PMnFPV racing / Drone awareness day on Sunday 26th June.

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Volunteers needed to carry out the following jobs

  • Mow runway and other grass areas – ongoing.

  • Use cropper/tractor to keep grass and brambles from blocking the routes recently cleared on south side of field, beyond the windsock.

  • Additional windsock needed by pit region fence. 

  • Remove 1 in every 3 saplings in region between the runway and the driveway from the entrance gate to the battery charger hut. Drag saplings to form piles along north edge of site, amongst tall trees.

  • Cover exposed underlay on our drive close to entrance gate. (use our pile of asphalt road scrapings by Z-bend)

  • Use our pile of asphalt road scrapings to fill about 5 potholes in the tarmacked part of the drove road. (will require use of club trailer)


  • Battery charging hut needs a stand to make it easy for people to play with their chargers/lipos on the new shelf. Needs to be aprox 18” wide, 5’ long with end supports 9” high.

  • Battery charger shelf and new fence rails need to be be brushed with rot preventer and painted green.

  • Strip of vegetation 6 ft wide to be cut down behind battery charging hut.

  • Tidy up branches/logs from all felled and trimmed trees along southern edge of site, plus a few other isolated trees. Just collect to form compact woodpiles close to edge of site, leaving surrounding area croppable with the tractor. 



  • Parts of the caravan seating have been soiled with mouse droppings and pee. They require sponging with a not too smelly disinfectant cleaner.

  • Could someone find how the mice are getting in and block entry with fine mesh wire. Incidentally, the top cupboards must always be left shut to keep the little buggers from soiling the drinking cups.


Note – The aim is to keep the site in a good state of maintenance with no reduction in flying activity. Ideally do the work on days that are too wet, windy etc


Geoff McBroom



The Gordano site is now our Primary flying site  
The  Gordano site is located between Portishead and Clevedon. Leave the M4 at junction 19 and take the A369 to Portishead. At the Sheepway R/abt bear left. Continue to the next R/abt and bear left again, past the new school. Go over a mini R/abt and proceed on the B3214 to Weston in Gordano and Clevedon. At Weston in Gordano village, look for a building on the left, obstructing into the road and coloured cream. Cadbury Lane is  here. Turn left into the lane and Weston Drove is 500 metres further down.OBSERVE THE 10mphSPEED LIMIT. Continue right to the bottom of the drove, our entrance is on the left.

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Our Secondary Site is Hengrove Park and is now Unsupported



Colin Smith, Mike Snaden
Chris Holloway, Alan Perry
Mike Snaden
 Secretary/Welfare officer
Colin Denton
 Membership Secretary/Treasurer
Christopher Holloway
Vice Chairman
Alan Perry
 Keith Wilson, Jon Black
Carl Wilkinson, Mike Brown
Martin Bidwell, Steve Spencer
Redmond Lines, Colin Denton
Colin Smith,Chris Holloway
Alan Perry,Mike Snaden
      Those willing to help and instruct new members
Chris Holloway (F/W) mode 2,     Jason Pinnell (F/W)mode 2,     Mike Snaden (F/W)mode 1,
 Toby Black(F/W)mode 2  James Carter (F/W)mode 2,  Colin Denton (F/W) mode 2, 
 Redmond Lines(F/W and Rotary)mode 2, Mike Brown (F/W and Rotary)mode 2.


Welcome to the AMARC web site. The club has been in existence for over Forty Five years and currently has a membership of over 60. If you are interested in discovering more about our club, then feel free to come along to one of our regular meetings. Entry is free, you do not need to be an AMARC member to attend a meeting. Look at the News Flash box to see where and when the next meeting will take place, during the winter months meetings start at 8pm and guests or potential members can come along to meet us there. During the Summer months (May until the end of August) we hold evening meetings on the field the last Tuesday of each month from 5pm until 9pm and generally enjoy a BBQ if the weather permits.

AMARC2002  own their own flying field situated in the Gordano Valley, between Portishead and Clevedon. A map is available.  The location map can be found by clicking the About AMARC tab, then 'location'.  We  have planning permission in full to allow 365 day flying.  This is subject to club rules and we have  to meet strict conditions with respect to the wildlife around the site.  All members are expected to adhere to the rules at this site. 

open day 1open day 2

AMARC2002 provide all the creature comforts necessary for relaxing with tea and coffee making facilities available, a field charger for your Lipo's and all this in a tranquil country setting in an area of outstanding natural beauty.

We also welcome new members after they have met a member of the club committee where the clubs aspirations and limitations will be discussed, they are  asked to read, understand and sign a prospectus agreeing to abide by the club rules and BMFA guidelines.

Guest Fliers are always welcome to join us, we prefer them to be current BMFA members and ask them to carry their card when on our sites. They must be accompanied at all times when in possession of an aircraft by the inviting member who will have cleared their visit with the Chair, Vice chair, Treasurer or Secretary beforehand. They  are limited to a MAXIMUM of Two visits per year and are the members sole responsibility.



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